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Public Image News
We've had some early success with our social medial work to promote our new Bridge the Valley - Bike Rally. The most traffic on our website has been hundreds of recent visits to our Bridge the Valley home page, and to our Bridge the Valley routes page. Congratulations to our Visibility Team, and to our social media consultant, for projecting this great new event to people in our community. You can see our web statistics on our Public Image dashboard.
Mark announced today that we have created a new LinkedIn account for our club that we can use for publicity:
To all- please go out to your LinkedIn account and post the following to increase exposure to the Bridge the Valley, Bike Rally.    Let us know if you have any questions.    Thanks, Mark and Katrina
Here is the 
This new account is a "company" account, which allows us to post events, and allows our members to follow us. Prior to this, we've had a "group" that people join. To maximize our publicity reach, we suggest you:
  • put a posting on your LinkedIn account highlighting our BTV event (above)
  • "Follow" our LinkedIn account that posted the event
  • And "join" our LinkedIn group
Our early results watching our website traffic shows the trend we're hoping for, we definitely are getting increased visibility.
To All Club Members -
Below are the two links for Facebook and Instagram.   Please take a few moments to go into your account and give us a positive shout out, then pass along to your friends and acquaintances........ so they too can see and learn about the many good things Stillwater Sunrise Rotary does in the communities we serve!  
Thanks on behalf of the Public Image Team