Via ZOOM - The Slow Flowers Movement:  Seed to Vase
Apr 21, 2020
Susan Rockwood - Arcola Trail Flower Farm
Via ZOOM - The Slow Flowers Movement: Seed to Vase

Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Presentation

April 21, 2020

Speaker:   Susan Rockwood

Owner and Flower Farmer

Arcola Trail Flower Farm

Stillwater, MN

Topic: The Slow Flowers Movement:  Seed to Vase

Do you know where your flowers come from? Five years ago I learned a staggering fact - 80% of the cut flowers sold in the United States are imported from South America and other countries.  The realities of growing and transporting fresh flowers from afar has given birth to a national “slow flowers movement” promoting local and sustainably grown flowers.  Much like the “farm to table movement” with food, it creates awareness about floral industry issues and provides smart choices for eco and health conscious consumers. Flower farming in a northern climate like Minnesota is both challenging and rewarding.  I will give you a virtual tour of our small specialty cut flower farm located in Stillwater and share how we grow and harvest premium seasonal blooms for wholesale and retail buyers in the Twin Cities.