Today, a group from our club met for a second session to finalize our vision statement. We'll propose the following to our club's board:
Our Vision
Stillwater Sunrise Rotary will set the standard for service in the St. Croix Valley.
Our Mission:
Stillwater Sunrise Rotary is a diverse group of leaders committed to making our local and global communities a better place to live.
Craig, Greg, Kris, Lonny, Mel, Rick H., and Ted were able to join. Dave W. and Wendy had prior commitments for the meeting date that was immediately available.Initial discussion focused on teasing apart the objectives for mission and vision statements. Ultimately, for vision, this group targeted an aspirational statement focused on “Where are we going?” We also identified that a mission statement would address “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” 
We looked again at the current mission and vision statements of Rotary International, and at a mission statement our club had published some years ago. Ultimately, this group opted to develop an updated mission statement along with the vision statement we were charged to develop. Mel’s specific proposal for a starting point for each overcame Ted’s concern about expanding the scope of our task.
Lonny and Rick had provided some written input for the group’s effort, and we reviewed some detailed analysis Lonny provided as well as some good vision/mission differentiation that Rick provided.
Finally, the group spent most of our time working interactively to refine the vision and mission statements in parallel. We ended up with two very strong statements which will be forwarded to our club’s board for further action.
Many thanks to this week’s team for their flexible, collaborative and engaged approach to our task today. And thanks to the group that met on October 15 to get the process off to a good start.