Posted by Brett Emmons on Apr 13, 2021
At today's meeting, Rotarian Brett Emmons shared some of the fringe benefits one can gain from adopting sustainable habits.
Eating more (but not necessarily exclusively) vegetarian meals:In addition to the sustainability benefits, you gain health benefits from a more vegetarian diet. Adopt a goal (say, twice a week vegetarian) and share your favorite recipes!
Exercising by traveling with your bike or on foot: The excercise benefits are obvious, but you might not think of the other benefits of slower travel - being able to interact with things around you and visit with people on the way. You can set a goal here, too, and benefit in multiple ways. Then, share something you saw.
Grow your own vegetables, flowers, or native plantings: Here you can gain multiple benefits of healthy food, low-energy beauty and help restore balance to our local environment.  Set some goals, and share a plant you're trying out along with your reason for trying it.