Today, our club started a new initiative to secure a grant to collaborate with our partners in El Corozo, Nicaragua, to improve their ongoing water supply issues.Trucked-in water is not available during the rainy season, and is unreliable when the trucks can get through. A water line to a neighboring town is cut off during dry times, when that town has its own supply issues. Currently the only reliable water source for households in El Corozo requires a 5km walk out, and back with the heavy water jugs.
The grant initiative is in the early stages, and is planned as part of the district's ongoing Fast for Hope program. It targets approximately $64,000 to drill a well, install a solar-powered pump and run a line to a storage tank. Sustainable development is of key importance in this program, the local town will be invested in this work, and well-prepared for ongoing maintenance and support of the new infrastructure.