Stillwater Sunrise
United States of America

I am SO EXCITED about our volunteer project this Saturday.  The dock has been removed from the lake and is on dry ground.  The weather is suspect (rain potential starting at noon) but I am not one to be put off by details like that!

I think we are well organized and have thought through many of the anticipated obstacles (although there certainly will be some unexpected issues).  We have electrical power supplied by one of our lake association board members who happens to live next to the project;  I would encourage you to bring impact wrenches (electric or battery) if you have them and a #40 torx head to remove the deck screws and a socket or wrench set to remove the nut from a 1/2" bolt (to remove the railing and side boards).  Some of these will be rusted and not willing to be removed easily so I will have an angle grinder and sawzall to cut them.  Additional tools like this may be helpful.  If you don't have these tools, don't worry because we will have them available and also have the need for "grunt" labor (I am not sure if that is politically correct to say) to move the deck and rail boards to the dumpster so all help is welcome and appreciated!

I don't expect this to be a "fashion event" so bring grubby work clothes, gloves, and cold weather gear as needed and appropriate.

I hope this will be a fun and satisfying event for everyone and look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday morning and with the people we are expecting we should be able to finish this project in within a reasonable time.  By the way the Lily Lake Fishing pier is located east of the Lily Lake ice arena and west of Lakeview Hospital and is just west of Greeley St on the southeast shore of Lily Lake.