Climate/Environmental Action Team
We are committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between communities and the environment. We empower communities to access grants and other resources, embrace local solutions, and spur innovation in an effort to address the causes and reduce the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.
Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy: the environment.
Page Stories
Greg Otsuka also from the CEAT presented us with the opportunity of adopting a pollinator garden. At present there are two pollinator gardens in Stillwater.  One is at Northland Park across the street from the fire department and one is at Ramsey Grove Park just a bit west of Len's Grocery Store.  Volunteers would be needed in the Spring to maintain the gardens and this would be a local service project.  A survey was taken and 89%  of club members said they would be interested in participating.  Greg will get additional information and pass it along to us once the details are ironed out.
2020 Club Actions:
August 2020: No single use water bottles
September: Adopt-a-Drain adopted 17 drains
October: Reducing Waste – Minimal Packaging; Highway Clean Up