Elementary School Media Center Support Project
The Stillwater Area Public Schools (SAPS) desire to increase the amount of time in which the elementary school media centers are available to students for use and enrichment.  Currently, the typical media center in each of the three Stillwater elementary schools is open to students one day in six school days.  The limiting factor is staffing.  This project aims to help alleviate the staffing limitations to some degree by providing volunteer support to the media center teaching staff in such a way and on a predetermined schedule such that the media center would be open to students on a set schedule each week (the frequency to be determined by the level of volunteer support).  The Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club has offered assistance in sourcing the initial volunteers and in partnering with SAPS to initiate the volunteer program and establish the program as a stable on-going resource to the designated media centers. 
Three schools have been identified for this program.  It is understood that the program may choose to sequence these schools over time insofar as their participation in the program.  The three initially targeted schools are:
  • Rutherford Elementary
  • Stonebridge Elementary
  • Lilly Lake Elementary